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Friday, 14 January 2011

Con-Dem-Nation: UK

The short-sighted, position-serving budget cuts and decisions being made by the Coalition government since May 2010 have stirred the waters of unrest in the country so deeply that no-one could possibly deny the diversity of people involved, the depth of feeling solicited and the very real reasons for the protests, and reprove of the choices being made by those elected to serve the population.
Will further irrevocable damage be allowed to happen? Will the Coalition be allowed to continue with it’s 'style' of governance? It would certainly appear that with each new decision, the knife is twisted and more and more people are feeling the burn of being marginalised, discriminated, ignored and spoon-fed a media diet of bullshit and buzzwords. Let us not forget that this Coalition Government was not democratically elected in the first place. Surely this is a clear indication that the party political system, with it’s 'celebrity' posturing, finger-pointing and empty promises in dazzling manifestos designed by marketing agents, is fundamentally sick? All in favour say 'I', and read on.  Read Full Article By Rebecca Mellor

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