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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Henry Moore Tate Britain Virtual Tour YouTube 2010

ArtLyst has posted an excellent virtual tour of the new Henry Moore exhibition in London on YouTube.
This includes a gallery talk by curator Chris Stephens, head of displays.
This exhibition runs 24th February until 8th August 2010

See link below.
Henry Moore Exhibition Tate Britain Virtual Tour 2010

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

U.S. Embassy London New Building Unveiled

Kieran Timberlake Wins Design Competition to design the new United States' high-security embassy in London. See The First Photo Below:

The design for the new London embassy at Nine Elms was finally confirmed today 23 February 2010
It will be a fortress,known as The Crystal  but there's not a fence in sight.
U.S. officials announced Tuesday that a light-filled cube by Philadelphia-based architecture firm Kieran Timberlake has won the competition to design the new United States embassy in London - billed as the greenest and one of the most expensive U.S. diplomatic buildings in the world.
Kieran Timberlake was chosen over other American architectural firms for its design of a 12-story building surrounded by natural defenses of meadow, woodland and a pond.
Here is the first view of the new billion dollar building.
Project Lennox: the new US Embassy
in Ponton Road, Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall / Battersea, London, SW8
The old embassy in Grosvenor Square - designed by the Finnish-American, Eero Saarinen in 1955 - will continue to function until then. The lease was sold to Diar Real Estate Investment of Qatar in November 2009.
The Department is committed to creating an Embassy building which is not only iconic in appearance and a leader in sustainability, but is also welcoming to all its visitors and makes a positive contribution to the local community and the urban environment. The challenge is to design a building which fulfills all these criteria and provides enough space for all its functions to be carried out in a secure working environment.
In order to ensure that the design of the new Embassy is of the highest possible quality, the Department of State had launched a competition to find an architectural practice and lead team to design the new Embassy.
The competition was managed by a jury comprised of eight American and British leaders in the fields of architecture, diplomacy, sustainable building, urban design and regeneration.
Four architectural firms were shortlisted for the final phase of the competition to design the new Embassy.
The firms were:
Kieran Timberlake
Morphosis Architects
PEI Cobb Freed & Partners
Richard Meier & Partners

The Philadelphia-based practice was selected ahead of three Pritzker-Prize winners - Richard Meier (Richard Meier & Partners), Tom Mayne (Morphosis Architects) and IM Pei (PEI Cobb Freed & Partners). The firm’s ‘environmentally friendly’ scheme will be built in Nine Elms close to Battersea Power station. See more on : ArtLyst

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Arshile Gorky Retrospective Exhibition London

Arshile Gorky (c.1904-1948) was a seminal American painter who is  celebrated as the godfather of Abstract Expressionism. In his short career he bridged the gap between surrealism and what was later dubbed Abstract Expressionism, His unique  style was highly regarded by the younger generation of New York painters notably Pollock, Rothko, and de Kooning.
Gorky was born in Armenia he first arrived in the US in 1920 fleeing persecution and starvation in his home country. He adopted the name Arshile Gorky with reference to the Russian writer Maxim Gorky and settled in Boston with his stepsister, gaining exposure to the Modern European masters through books and galleries while attending art classes at the now defunct Boston School of Design.
In 1924 Gorky moved to New York. His early still-lives show his reliance upon popular examples of Cezanne, Picasso and Leger, however his portraits in the 1920s and 1930s, especially the two versions of The Artist and His Mother, show how Gorky was able to evoke his personal experiences and studies in realism, and apply it to canvas. Although he is still clearly paying homage to Picasso's rose period in these works, they are now stamped with his own identifiable traits. In 1942 Gorky began to interpret landscape. Energized by the Connecticut and Virginia countryside he created a series of Kandinsky inspired paintings and drawings using bright colour washes with black outlines. At this crossroad, Gorky began to clearly separate himself from his predecessors. He linked up with the Exiled surrealists Breton and Matta and pushed the boundaries of his work to new and original heights. Gorky’s troubled personal life was in constant conflict with his artistic accomplishments and he sadly took his own life in 1948 age 44.
The Tate exhibition includes paintings, drawings and also a few examples of rarely seen sculptures, spanning the extraordinary career of this great modern master.
Paul Carter Robinson Photo/Text ©ArtLyst

Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective 10 February  – 3 May 2010 Tate Modern London

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See video on: ArtLyst Virtual Tour

Friday, 5 February 2010

Kinetica Art Fair London

Kinetica Art Fair 2010 - Fair 04 Feb-07 Feb 2010

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition on ArtLyst  click here

Over 25 galleries and organisations specialising in kinetic, electronic and new media art are taking part and over 150 artists exhibiting. Tickets start at £8. Work ranges in price from £50 - £40,000. The UK's first Kinetica Art Fair, run by Kinetica Museum in 2009, attracted over 9,000 people with work sold to visitors, collectors and galleries around the world.
Exhibitors and artists include:
Jason Bruges, Nik Ramage, Balint Bolygo, Margaret Michel, Peter Sedgley, Kumi Yamashita, Raday Gallery, A22 Gallery, Goldsmiths MFA, Squidsoup, Interactive Agents, Ben Parry, Bruce Lacey, Edward Ihnatowicz, Jean Tinguely, Takis, Yaacov Agam, Peter Sedgley, David Medalla, Peter Logan, Harry Bertoia, Roger Vilder, Jesus Raphael Soto, DAM Berlin, Di Mainstone, Andrew Stonyer, Dennis Da Silva, Kathy Taylor, Michael Zeltner, Patrick Tresset, Paul Friedlander, Rosaline De Thelin, Hans Kooi, Davide Angheleddu, Thames Valley University Masters, Esther Polack, Kitchen Budapest and Kinetica Museum.
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