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Saturday, 30 October 2010

George Osborne Cancels £6bn Vodafone Tax Bill












Is the axe wielding Chancellor of the Exchequer in the pocket of this multinational tax evading Company? 
We think that everyone should boycott Vodafone until they set a good example by paying their taxes like everyone else. It is this sort of disgraceful, wide-boy behaviour that successive Governments have turned a   blind eye to. Companies like Vodafone have put us in the predicament that we are currently witnessing. This has directly led to savage cuts to the arts, while Vodaphone gets off without paying most, if any of the back taxes owed to the country. The allegation about Vodafone’s taxes dates back to this summer, when the company settled a long-standing tax dispute with HMRC over its takeover of the German engineering group Mannesmann for €180bn in 2000. Vodafone was ordered to pay HMRC £1.25bn in the settlement – a considerably lower figure than the £2.2bn the company had expected to pay... Read Full Article

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