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Friday, 8 October 2010

Ai Weiwei New Unilever Sculpture Tate Modern

 Chinese Artist, Ai Weiwei reveals his latest work “Sunflower Seeds,” a project which has taken two years to complete and contains over one hundred million handcrafted porcelain seeds.The project is loaded with thoughts and associations. From a distance, it looks like a beach of gray shingle, or a Zen garden. Ai Weiwei is  China most famous living artist. At 53, Ai Weiwei is an increasingly prominent figure in the international art world. His work is a mixture of the outrageousness familiar in recent Western art merged with a sense of traditional Chinese techniques. After the death of Chairman Mao in 1976, his family returned to Beijing, where Weiwei studied at the Film Academy. In his third year, his then girlfriend got permission to study in America and he decided to go west. He stayed in the US for 12 years, encountering Duchamp, Dada, Surrealism, and conceptual art – all of which had a strong influence on his later work. Read More:

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