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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Ryan Gander : Lecture Pete & Repeat 176 Zabludowicz Collection 14 November 2009

I just attended a performance piece by the British artist Ryan Gander at gallery 176 / Zabludowicz Collection. It was in conjunction with the ‘Pete And Repeat’ exhibition, which has been running since September. Gander along with John Baldessari, Peter Coffin, Keith Tyson and others have contributed to the exhibition, which explores the theme of repetition.
Gander’s work covers an assortment of mediums ranging from Video, text, paintings, animation and lectures. Today’s piece took the form of a semi formal talk and explored the subject of authority and truth. It was presented to the audience as an academic lecture, although much of what was undertaken, in subject was derived from personal experience and family recollection. This created the atmosphere of an oral history and delved into homespun topics involving grandparents, the war and popular television programs. The subjects flowed as in a friendly conversation and different topics were introduced in a rhythm natural to the pace of a casual conversation. I don’t think anyone attending today’s lecture could have walked out of the rather drafty, former church hall without having a more intimate relationship with the artist, perhaps this was the point of the exercise. If you have never seen Ganders work, I would highly recommend a trip down to Pete And Repeat, which runs until 13 December. I have now successfully uploaded a video of my short interview with Ryan Gander, which is viewable on the ArtLyst1 channel on YouTube, or see more interviews, reviews and articles on Text and Photo © Paul Carter Robinson 14/11/09

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