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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Angela Palmer Ghost Forest Installation Trafalgar Square London

Ghost Forest Angela Palmer
© photo/text Paul Carter Robinson ArtLyst
I went to see the amazing Ghost Forest installation in Trafalgar Square created using ten tree trunks imported from the rain forests in Ghana by British artist Angela Palmer. Most of the trees were originally the height of Nelson’s column and these stumps and roots are the remains of these once great trees. The exhibition highlights the 90% decimation of Ghana’s rainforests.
The instillation will now be shipped to Copenhagen in time for the climate Change Conference 7-18 December. The artist has made this statement,” The connection between deforestation and climate change, and the challenge to express that visually, is the basis for my most ambitious and logistically challenging work yet. The concept is to present a series of rainforest tree stumps as a ‘ghost forest’ – using the negative space created by the missing trunks as a metaphor for climate change, the absence representing the removal of the world’s ‘lungs’ through continued deforestation. Over the past few months I’ve made several field trips to a commercially logged primary rainforest in Ghana where we sourced a group of 10 tree stumps. The Ghost Forest will be in Trafalgar Square in London until November 22, courtesy of the GLA, and will then be shipped directly to Copenhagen where it will be exhibited in Thorvaldsens Plads, a magnificent city centre square next to Parliament Square and the National Museum, to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference The future of rainforests will lead the agenda at the UN conference, which will be attended by over 11,000 delegates from 192 countries”.
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