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Friday, 20 November 2009

Nothing Really Mattress

'Found Art' or is this the next new thing?

Text Paul Carter Robinson Photo Ellis Nadler

The most exciting contemporary art is often spontaneous and contextual. The endless documentation and written sketch books which are required by art colleges seem to have knocked the wind out of spontaneity. It has created a whole new generation of calculating and overly self - conscience artists in Britain and the US and is responsible for much of the lame work we see in the galleries today. On the other end of the spectrum, it has prompted a reaction to over-formalized approaches and opened the doors for ‘street artists’ like Banksy in the UK and Dan Colen in the US. The later a graduate of RISD (one of the leading formal art colleges in America).

My friend Ellis Nadler took the “Nothing Really Matress” photo on the way to his studio, last week, in the East End of London.
I think, besides the humour element, (mattress is misspelled and the play on the expression or Queen lyric) it is one of the most interesting works of art I have seen this year. When it was put up on the net it went viral and has now had over 75,000 hits.
Is this serious art? Well there isn’t a sketchbook and the documentation to make it a contender for the Turner Prize but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Text Paul Carter Robinson Photo Ellis Nadler © 2009

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