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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Arts Council Funding Cuts Announced Today

It is going to be a very difficult 24 hours for the arts as a body of industries. The wait will be over and Arts Council England will decide who's in and who's out in relation to funding. The list goes public and live at 10 am tomorrow at a press conference. This will hopefully create a clearer picture of how and where the cuts will be made. Speculation has been rife for months and now we will see who will be dead man walking.
There are 1,333 arts organisations that have entered the application process as part of the new National Portfolio. 850 are funded and an estimated 750 will have their projects realised. They will receive funding over the next three years. New organisations applying for arts council grants for the first time will stand alongside well known institutions. A clearer picture of the 15% cuts to frontline arts organisations. will become apparent and It will also allow the first real insight into the Arts Council's collective state of mind under the leadership of Dame Liz Forgan, the newish chair.
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