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Monday, 14 March 2011

AP Sues Urban Outfitters Over Shepard Fairey Obama Image

OOPS SORRY  Photo:  By Mannie Garcia © 2006 AP ,Iconic image by Shepard Fairey, Collage by Sue Me!
Associated Press has now decided to pour salt on the wounds of the recently settled Shepard Fairey case by suing retailers Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and Zumiez, seeking unspecified damages. They have pinpointed the revenue generators who monetised  the image on T shirts and accessories and now want blood. They won the case through excessive litigative bulling pumping millions into the case. In 2009 Fairey sued AP,seeking a declaration that he had not violated their copyright with his image. AP counter-sued, stating that he had done so through his uncredited and uncompensated use of its picture. The lawyers representing AP stated that the  photo was used without permission, to create Fairey's image, violating copyright. AP successfully argued in court that using the image was a wilful and blatant violation of the copyright of the photo. Read Full Article...

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