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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Eduardo Paolozzi Murals At Risk By Developers

Several of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi's mosaic murals designed for the Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, in the 1980s are to be removed, to make way for new passages and reinforced tunnels, as part of the expanded tube station, connecting to the new Cross Rail project. The unlisted works of art include, panels of tessellated mosaics inspired by Tottenham Court Road's electronics shops and the once vibrant music industry. The 1000 square metre commission is a distinct and internationally recognized feature of the station. The mosaic's frenetic designs are much loved by art critics and the public. In a statement from TFL, "London Underground highly values the Paolozzi mosaics within Tottenham Court Road Underground station, and alongside the Tube’s ‘Art on the Underground’ programme, we have been working closely with the Paolozzi Foundation as the Tottenham Court Road upgrade progresses. We are taking great care to protect and preserve these wonderful mosaics as we upgrade Tottenham Court Road station". Test areas have been investigated and a feasibility study undertaken removing sections of tiles. In all cases the damage was negligible. Read Full Report

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