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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Gauguin ‘Maker Of Myth’ Tate Modern Review

Gauguin Tate Modern   Photo © ArtLyst 2010

Tate Modern presents the largest exhibition of the work of French Post Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin mounted in Britain for over 50 years. ArtLyst was at the press launch of this blockbuster and found it vibrant, alive and still some of the best quality painting of the last two centuries. It looks as fresh as the day it was painted. With unusual compositional cropping and a palate to die for. Gauguin painted a staggering array of Landscapes, still life and figurative works. He is perhaps best known for his exotic and sometimes erotic Tahitian series depicting the female form. The artist famously spent much of the latter part of his life in Polynesia, the source of his famous and familiar Tahitian images. Gauguin was a storyteller; he reveals his narrative urge to create pictorial stories. Organizers say they have come up with a "fresh and compelling" look at this master of modern art, concentrating on his approach to storytelling and how myths and fables were central to his work. Read More.....

Take A Virtual Tour of The Gauguin Exhibition

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