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Monday, 6 December 2010

Susan Philipsz Wins Turner Prize 2010

Susan Philipsz Awarded Turner Prize At Tate Britain

The 2010 Turner Prize outcome reflects the necessity to select more women candidates for this coveted award. This year, two of the four candidates were women and the favourite Susan Philipsz, has won. Her moody sound installations, which are less about superficial appearance and more about the processes of swimming in the experience of sound convinced the jury. I have to say her installation work is better suited to the outdoor urban environment, than closed into a white room at Tate Britain.Susan Philipsz’s work is far more sublime and visually it barely exists. She paints with sound and emotive melancholy. Her work at the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and in Mirrors, Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Vigo, Spain captured the critics attention. Philipsz uses her own singing voice to create uniquely evocative sound installations that respond to the character of specific, often out-of-the-way spaces. The work installed at Tate Britain puts her work into a “Public Art context” Her current exhibition presented by Artangle, “SURROUND ME A Song Cycle for the City of London” is open Saturdays & Sundays only, 10am - 5pm
 9 until 2 January 2011. This will give the visitor a better idea of what Susan Philipsz is about. Read Full Leaked Report...

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