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Friday, 29 January 2010

Tony Blair Controversial Portrait Exhibited To Coincide With Iraq Inquiry

Photo:Richard Hamilton
Shock and Awe  2007-08
Inkjet print on Hewlett-Packard Premium canvas
200 x 100 cm  © 2010 Richard Hamilton

A controversial portrait of former Prime Minister Tony Blair dressed as a cowboy by the well known British Artist Richard Hamilton was circulated by The Serpentine Gallery in London ahead of his appearance at the  Iraq Inquiry. The large scaled print on canvas is the first image released by the gallery ahead of Hamilton's fist London show since 1992. Hamilton is considered one of the Godfathers of Pop Art. His exhibition aptly titled "Modern Moral Matters"consists mainly of  installations, prints and paintings ,highlighting global politics, riots, terrorist acts and war as their subject matter, and examining how these conflicts are now largely mediated by the media, often via television or the internet. The exhibition opens on the 3 March and runs until the 25 April.
Article By Paul Carter Robinson

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