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Monday, 14 December 2009

Eugenie Scrase Wins School Of Saatchi Hands Down

Eugenie Scrase Winner School Of Saatchi
ArtLyst Reports:

Eugenie Scrase was deservedly the winner of School of Saatchi with her “Log on a Fence” installation. The work, a found object, consisted of a blue iron fence with an impaled log, the remains of a fallen tree cut down by the council somewhere in North London.
Scrase a 20 year old from London is currently studying Fine Art / Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art. Her tutors have been encouraging about her participation in the series but no one ever believed that her work would win the competition. She was born in France, moving to Buckingham with her family in the early 1990s. Scrase has had learning difficulties, caused by dyslexia. This led her to spend much of her spare time in the school art department. Her sculptures and installations are formed largely from found objects. They were often described as chaotic by the panel of industry insiders, Kate Bush, (Curator at the Barbican) Matthew Collings, (art critic and broadcaster) Tracey Emin (Artist) and Frank Cohen (collector). I think the bottom line was to choose the best piece in the final exhibition. This was held in The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea last summer. Scarase’s piece was visually the best and most original presented. She is a natural young talent. Sometimes her explanations were vague and random but in the end the work did what it was supposed to do. It spoke for itself and to Charles Saatchi. This was an interesting but obnoxious exercise. It made good and compulsive TV viewing. I would think that this will be a one off series as ratings are everything to the BBC and you have to ask yourself the question,do we really want to allow visual art to have the X Factor treatment in the future?Read More:

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